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Expectant parents are faced with an overwhelming number of important decisions before their baby is even born. One of the most important, life-altering decisions a new parent can make is whether or not to bank their baby’s cord blood, or donate it to help others. Cord blood is currently being used to treat over 80 diseases, and research has shown even more potential. Tragically, in the United States 97% of cord blood is discarded as medical waste because of lack of education and awareness about cord blood.

Save the Cord Foundation, a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization, is dedicated to making this important decision as simple as possible for parents by providing unbiased educational information regarding cord blood preservation and its life-saving qualities.

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Google+ HangoutPlease join us on January 8th at 10:00 a.m. PST for the Pregnancy Magazine Google Hangout hosted by Kimberly Romo and Save the Cord Foundation. Our cord blood topic will be:

What are the chances my baby's cord blood will ever be used if it's saved in a private bank or public donation?

Dr. Brian M. Freed (Ex. Dir., Clinimmune Labs and University of Colorado Public Cord Blood Bank) will join Kimberly in a updated discussion surrounding the medical facts about saving cord blood.

To join us for the Google Hangout, visit the invitation page here.

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Do you have an experience with cord blood to share? Whether it's about the decision to collect it, the process of family banking or donation, or using cord blood to treat you or someone you know, your story is important. Share your story on our Web site where it can inspire and inform others. 

Read the Save The Cord Foundation blog to learn more about how we can bring non-commercial, unbiased cord blood education to your community! And also check out Cord Blood Girls and Guys - a place for young people to talk about the importance of cord blood education and awareness for the next generation.

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